The $30 Billion Asbestos Trust

There are several types of diseases and cancers caused by long-term exposure to asbestos. Over 50 companies have set up asbestos trust funds for employees who were exposed to asbestos. These funds assist mesothelioma victims by covering costs of living and medical expenses.

We Are on Your Side

You may feel like your humanity is gone, with people poking you like a pin-cushion. Researchers gathering information on you and entering it into a spreadsheet. Empathy can be hard to find.

We’ve helped thousands of asbestos exposure patients. We understand how difficult an asbestos disease diagnosis can be. That is why we believe in compassion and in treating you like a person, not a case.

Get the Facts You Need to Move Forward

We have the resources and experience needed to help educate you about asbestos legal claims.

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